Club Philosphy

Hub Soccer of Denville is guided by the principle of, “Let the kids have fun” This should be accomplished through a structural program which will challenge our players while continually building on their skills.

Hub Soccer of Denville is “social soccer”, not competitive ball. Kids should learn soccer skills, sportsmanship and team play.

In our older divisions (3 and 4), emphasis is placed around winning as a goal, but not as the only goal. “Athlete First, Winning Second” is our guide. We are here to develop soccer players, good habits, fitness and team play.

We are the training ground to send players to more competitive play in travel and high school ball. Advanced programs place more pressure on the athlete to win. Hub Soccer of Denville is the haven for the players to be relaxed and play for the enjoyment of playing and compete against their friends without the fear of loss.

Under our program they can further their development through experimentation and practice in a more relaxed environment. Although winning is important at this level, it must take second place to the enjoyment of the game.