Spring Soccer Covid-19 Update

Spring Soccer Participants – we will soon be sending a detailed email to you on 2021 Spring Soccer COVID 19 guidelines and requirements. It will have a lot of information. It is important that you thoroughly read and comply with it.

This email is to remind you that our first goal every season is to keep our players safe when participating in soccer as well as our coaches

, refs, and parents. It is critical that everyone follows and adheres to our COVID-19 guidelines for participation in youth sports. We did not have any soccer-related COVID-19 illness in the Fall season due to everyone following the established guidelines. Our expectation is that the Spring season will not be different. Your help is needed to do so. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone not following COVID-19 guidelines. If that happens you risk having your child temporarily suspended or terminated from playing in the Spring. Unfortunately

, we have had incidents of children with COVID-19 symptoms or who have had secondary contact being sent to school and/or participating in other youth sports. That cannot happen in Spring soccer. We have over 600 recreation and travel players playing, so the consequences of coming to soccer practice or game with symptoms can be devastating not only for a particular team but also to a whole division or the entire program.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to the future when this type of email does not have to be sent.

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