Parents – once again HUB Soccer thanks you for participating in our 2020 Fall Season. Tomorrow games are starting and we have a few key reminders below. We have also been getting questions about the COVID Phase 4 Guidelines so we have included the answers to those as well as some key guidelines reminders.
* Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your game time for players to warm up and get instructions from your coach.
* If you are not able to make the game or are going to be late, please let your coach know, preferably on Friday.
* Due to COVID 19 there will be no snacks after games or oranges at 1/2 time.
* Please leave the field immediately after your game. This will limit social contact and clear the field for games that follow yours.
* We utilize our recreation and travel players to referee our younger divisions. This provides ref coverage at a reasonable cost

, develops leadership, responsibility and income for our young players. Coaches, players and parents to interact should not interact with the refs and/or dispute calls. Any problems should be referred by the coach to the Division Director and Referee Director after the game.

* Uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks) are to be worn for games. Shin guards covered by soccer socks are required for PreK > Division 3.
* No jewelry or hats permitted.
* Don’t forget a water bottle/
BATHROOM FACILITIES – Due to only once a week sanitizing by the vendor, there are no porta-johns at Knuth Soccer Fields, Ford Rd/VFW Field or Pocono Field. The Gardner Field complex (includes TJ Field) and Veterans Memorial Park Fields have bathrooms and they are cleaned/sanitized every day.
Can a team practice if a player fails a health check? A team will be “quarantined” from playing if a participant has received a positive result from a COVID-19 test within 14 days or has been diagnosed/suspected of COVID-19 without a positive test result. A player will be “quarantined” from playing if they have been in contact with anyone while they had COVID-19 or symptoms of COVD-19 in the past 14 days.
Does that player need to be cleared by a  doctor before they can attend another event? The player needs to clear the TeamSnap Health Checked to play. The only way to override a failed Health Check is a note from a doctor specifically stating the child has been cleared to play soccer.
If a player is marked as not attending do they still need to complete the health check? No. If they attend

, the availability needs to be updated and Health Check cleared.

The HUB Soccer guidelines require parents to wear face coverings OR social distance. If they are spread out around the field and not congregating they can take off their masks? Yes.
TeamSnap Health Check – please make sure you do your TeamSnap Health Check on your mobile device before each game and practice.