Fall 2016 Recreation Soccer – Registration

Parents – it is time to register for the 2016 fall soccer season :>) Please note the deadline of June 22 to register. If you register late, it costs more and we may not be able to place your child. Please take the time to read the information below before you register. The link to register on line by credit card is at the end.

Cost – $75 per player and a family discount of $120 for 2 or more players. The Challenger Division for special needs players is $35.00 per player.

Costs after 6/22 – $135 per player and the family discount is no longer available; after 8/1 the cost is $150 per player. There are no late fees for the Challenger Division. Any new families that move to Denville after the 6/22 deadline should contact Don Casse (973-627-8173/doncasse@aol.com) for assistance.

Eligible Grades & Programs

IMPORTANT > Make sure you register your child in their FALL 2016 school grade and/or correct group. This will ensure they are placed in the appropriate grade and there is a place for them. We cannot guarantee placement in a different grade or division if it is filled up

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, so make sure you register in your child’s fall school grade, Munchkins or Challenger Division.

PreK > 4th Grade – these grades will have 1 or 2 practices per week at night (ETS 6:00 PM) and play games on Saturday mornings (schedule TBD). PreK players must be age 4 on September 1 to participate.

Grades 5 > 8 – will practice 1 or 2 nights a week (ETS 6:00 PM) and have Saturday morning and weeknight games (schedule TBD). Plans are being made to participate in the Rockaway Valley Soccer League so some games will be out of town. Registering early or by the deadline will ensure your child a place on a Denville roster. We have maximum roster sizes so if you register after 6/22 we may not be able to place your child. Please do not let this happen….register now!

Munchkin Afternoon Division – This venue is for players age 3.5, 4 and 5 and plays at 1:00 PM Tuesdays and Saturdays at Upper Knuth Soccer Field, Cooper Rd., Denville. Munchkins is a fun filled clinic oriented program where the players learn basic soccer skills. The cost is the same if you do 1 or 2 days.

Challenger Division – The Challenger Division is for special needs players PreK > high school (ages 4 > 21). The Challengers play Saturday afternoons at 2:00 PM Upper Knuth Soccer Field, Cooper Rd., Denville. We have mentors from our local high schools, as well as adult coaches, that join in the activities to ensure each player has a great experience and lots of fun.

Car Pool/Player/Coach Requests – Use the “NOTES” section of the application for any special requests. We cannot guarantee requests for late registrants.

Schedule/Team Placement – The schedule for games, practices and team assignment will not be available until late August. If the schedule does not work out for you we will give you a full refund: contact Don Casse (doncasse@aol.com) before the season starts.

Saturday 9/10 is our official opening day. Note some teams will start practice before then depending on the coach’s schedule. Season end date is TBD.

Financial Hardships – Any family experiencing a financial hardship can have their children play at no cost. You need to contact Don Casse (973-627-8173/doncassse@aol.com) before the registration deadline for special registration instructions.

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