Parents – the cooler weather is upon us and we have been getting inquiries about game attire. Information is below regarding attire for games on cold days:

  1. Hats – A soft head covering is acceptable but no long strings or attachments around the head. No hats with brims. 

  2. Team Jersey – Can be worn over a long sleeve tee shirt or sweatshirt. Hooded sweatshirts should have the hood tucked into the jersey. Oversized sweatshirts or shirts with sleeves that hang over the hands are not permitted. Scarves are not permitted. 

  3. Leggings, Sweat Pants, Athletic Pants or Shorts –  are permissible. No jeans, snow pants, etc. permitted. Shin guards are worn underneath the long pants with soccer socks over them.   

  4. Gloves – good idea and easier for throw-ins than mittens.  

*Athletes need to be hydrated this time of year. Make sure your child drinks plenty of fluid during the week and brings a water bottle to the game.