Club Rules


These rules and regulations are the basis by which Hub Soccer of Denville, Inc. establishes and maintains the soccer program in Denville Township.


In case of conflict, report all problems to the Division Director after the game. If the Division Director doesn’t know that there is a problem, then he/she cannot correct it. This is the order in which problems are addressed:

    1. The Division Director
    2. The Club Rules of Hub Soccer of Denville, Inc.
    3. The Hub Soccer of Denville Board of Directors

Rules of Competition

  1. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed at any Hub Soccer games, practices or training sessions.
  2. The use of tobacco products within fifty (50) feet of any Hub Soccer game, practice or training session is prohibited.
  3. No one, coaches, parents or fans is to interfere with the referee either during or after a game. Any problems with the referee should be discussed with the Division Director after the game.
  4. In all divisions, players shall wear:
    1. Shirts: Shirts must have sleeves and be tucked in. Teams shall wear the shirts distributed by Hub Soccer of Denville for all games.  Failure to wear the proper shirt will result in a player being told to sit out of the game until the proper shirt can be worn. Goalkeepers must wear a jersey or pinny different in color from both teams, but not necessarily different from the referee or opposing goalkeeper. In cold weather, sweatshirts may be worn under the distributed Hub Soccer shirt but may not contain a hood
    2. Shorts: Shorts must be athletic shorts. Denim shorts or shorts with buttons. snaps or zippers are not allowed. In cold weather athletic pants may be worn outside of the shorts, but must meet the same requirements as the shorts.
    3. Shinguards: Shinguards must be age appropriate. A guideline is 3 inches above the top of the foot to 3 inches below the knee
    4. Socks: Socks must fully cover the shinguards.
    5. Footwear: While soccer cleats are recommended, sneakers are acceptable for all games and practices. Baseball or football cleats are not acceptable. Metal cleats of any type are not allowed
    6. Glasses: Due to safety issues, regular prescription eyeglasses may not be worn during a game. If a player is required to wear prescription eyeglasses, a pair of “sports glasses” may be used a substitute. Players will be asked to remove regular prescription eye glasses at game time.
  5. In all divisions, players may not wear
    1. Jewelry: Including but not limited to watches, rings, bracelets, “Livestrong bracelets”, necklaces, barrettes, metal hair clips, bobby pins, studs or earrings, whether taped or not.
    2. Casts: Hard casts or hard splints cannot be worn.
    3. Braces: Metal braces cannot be worn unless the metal is covered and, in the opinion of the referee, is not unsafe to anyone. This does not include dental braces
    4. Hats: Baseball hats are not allowed. Winter hats may be worn as long as they do not contain any hard surfaces or loose items such as tassels.
    5. Exceptions – articles that are required to be worn at all times for religious reasons may be taped to the body in a safe manner. Medical Alert bracelets may be taped to the wrist leaving the information visible
  6. Every player must play two (2) complete quarters per game. Should a child not be played, for whatever reason, the manager or coach must inform the Division Director (or any other officer of Hub Soccer of Denville should the Division Director be unavailable) prior to the game and must receive approval of the Division Director no to play the child. Otherwise, the child must be allowed to play.In all divisions, no child will play four (4) quarters in any game, unless everyone on the team that is able to play, plays three (3) quarters.A player may be removed from a game for disciplinary reasons by a manager or coach at any time. The manager or coach must then notify the referee and the opposing manager or coach. This player may not re-enter for the remainder of the game.If the teams in Division 3 are extremely large, the Division Director may choose to play two (2) halves of 45 minutes each. In this event, the coaches will be allowed substitutions at 15 minutes and 30 minutes into each half. At these times, the coaches must substitute their players in such a manner that no player on the team should play the third 15 minute period of the first half before everyone on the team has played at least one full 15 minute period. No player on a team shall play 4 periods before everyone on the team has played 2 full periods; or shall play 5 periods before everyone on the team has played 3 full periods; or shall play 6 periods before everyone on the team has played 4 full periods.
  7. Goals will be changed at half time only, not at the quarter breaks.
  8. Substitutions are to be made at the end of the quarter, except in the case of injury or fatigue.
  9. No coach shall distribute trophies to their team.
  10. Girls are permitted to cross their arms over their chests for protection. The referee should be very careful and lenient in calling handling of the ball.
  11. Division 7 goalkeepers may retain possession of the ball for as long as necessary. In all other divisions, goalkeepers should be instructed to release the ball within six (6) seconds. The referee will be lenient unless this is abused by either team.
  12. In Divisions 5, 6 and 7, a player may be goalkeeper for two (2) quarters per game. In Division 4, a player may play three (3) quarters of the game in goal. In Division 3, a player may play as goalkeeper the entire game. In every case however, Rule #5 must be adhered to.
  13. Any player who was previously injured and treated by a physician, must present a written release from his or her doctor to the Division Director before returning to practice or a game. Coaches must retain and bring any and all medical releases for all players to every practice and game.
  14. Any player who wears a protective device of hard or unyielding material or a hard cast as a result of an injury is prohibited from playing or practicing until the cast or protective device is removed and a medical release is presented to the Division DIrector. Coaches must retain and bring any and all medical releases for all players to every practice and game.
  15. All coaches are to coach from their half of the field only, between the midfield line and the 18 yard line. It shall be the call of the Division Directors in Division 7 and Pre-K as to how many coaches may be on the field during a game for instructional purposes and to help set up players on kickoffs, corner kicks, etc. In no event however, shall there be more than two (2) coaches per team on the field in those divisions. Coaches must stay clear of the play, not touch the ball, and at no time interfere with the play, any player or the referee. Should this occur, the referee will award the opposing team a direct free kick from the point of the infraction.
  16. In all Divisions except Divisions 6, 7 and Pre-K, all coaches and both teams shall remain on one side of the field while parents and spectators shall remain on the opposite side of the field. No one is to be located behind the goal line unless seated on or next to the existing bleacher systems. Only in cases of injury or behavioral issues shall a parent or guardian be allowed on the ‘team’ side of the field and only for the time required to handle the issue. Upon the player’s return to the game, the parent or guardian must return to the ‘spectators’ side of the field.
  17. The home team may choose which players bench it will occupy. All parents and fans shall be located on the side of the field opposite the players where conditions permit. No one shall be in the are behind the goals.
  18. Coaches are prohibited from rescheduling games on their own. Any and all cancelled games will be rescheduled by the Division DIrector in cooperation with both coaches and the Referee Director.
  19. All coaches in Divisions 3 and 4 are to turn in their scores to their Division Director.
  20. No team, manager , coach or parent is to publish material (i.e., scores, articles, pictures, etc.) in the newspaper or elsewhere without the direct knowledge and consent of the Public Relations Director.
  21. Seven (7) players (six (6) for Divisions 5, 6, 7 and Pre-K) per team is the minimum needed to start a game. Reasonable time should be given to allow players to arrive. After 15 minutes of delay, a team with fewer players than the minimum shall forfeit the game. Games started later than five (5) minutes after their original designated start time shall have their playing time adjusted to ensure the game ends as scheduled. This will allow subsequent games to remain on schedule. If at any point during a game, a team is unable to field the minimum number of players, the match shall be terminated at that point. The team with less than the minimum number of players shall forfeit the game.In Division 7 and Pre-K Division, the Division DIrector may elect to lower the minimum number of players required to play a game.
  22. Duration of game:
    Division Playing Time
    Pre-K &
    Division 7
    8 minute quarters
    Division 6 10 minute quarters
    Division 5 12 minute quarters
    Division 4 15 minute quarters (day games)
    12 minute quarters (night games)
    Division 3 20 minute quarters (day games)
    15 minute quarters (night games)
  23. In the event a game must be terminated before the start of the second half, the game will be replayed from the start. In the event a game must be terminated after the second half, the score will be final as of the time of termination. The sounding of the referee’s whistle to begin the second half and the subsequent first touch of the ball shall constitute the “Start of the second half”.
  24. Intramural practice sessions are limited to no more than three (3) per week during August and no more than two (2) per week once the school year has started.
  25. Referees will issue Yellow Cards (Caution) or Red Cards (Sending Off) to players, managers or coaches if, in the opinion of the referee, the action of that person warrants it. Yellow Cards shall cary varying amounts of points, depending upon the offense noted, in accordance with the point system used by the Morris County Youth Soccer Association. Accumulation of a certain number of points by a player, manager or coach will cause that person to sit out a game. A player receiving his/her first yellow card in a game shall not be required to leave the field of play.Any player, manager or coach who receives a Red Card before, during or after a game, in addition to being removed from that game, will be suspended for the following game. If the person receives a second Red Card, they will be suspended from a subsequent game and be subject to disciplinary action and review by the Hub Soccer of Denville Board of Directors.Although not necessarily a Red Card offense, in Hub Soccer of Denville any player performing a slide tackle during the game shall be ejected from the game, but may be replaced by another player on their team. In order to be considered a slide tackle, the player must intentionally leave his/her feet in a sliding manner in an attempt to play the ball while another player on either team is in playing distance of the ball, approximately one yard. The player may not be replaced if the slide tackle is deemed by the referee to be a Red Card offense or a second Yellow Card offense.Coaches are responsible for the actions of their team parents. A coach will be Carded if his/her actions, or the actions of a parent is, in the opinion of the referee, the Division Director or a Board Member, considered to be abusive, verbally or physically, to the Referee, any player, coach or parent. Should all of the coaches assigned to a team be removed from the game as a result of Red Cards, the game shall end at the point as a forfeit for the team.

    The Referee, the Division Director or a Board Member has the right to remove any spectator from a game or the surrounding area. It is understood that this is youth soccer and a parent or guardian may need to stay in visual contact with their child; the following locations will be considered ‘removed from the game or the surrounding area’ where the spectator MUST remain silent.

    Field Location Acceptable Location for Ejected Spectators
    Upper Knuth Knuth parking lot, behind the guardrail
    Lower Knuth Plateau between Upper Knuth & Lower Knuth
    Veteran’s Field Upper parking lot or lower pavilion
    Gardner Field Either upper or lower parking lot
    Gardner Field #1 Outside the chain link fence
    Ford Road Gravel parking lot

    A review board will be made up of five (5) Hub Soccer of Denville Directors to review all Red Card suspensions and other disciplinary actions. The director of the Division in which the action occurred shall have no vote.

    Hub Soccer of Denville reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend a player, coach or parent for un-sportsmanlike conduct, inappropriate behavior and/or damage to school or township property.

  26. Children shall not hang, climb or play on goals or nets. Throughout the United States, there have been serious injuries and even several deaths attributed to children using soccer goals for playground activities. Make sure your coach is at the field and escort your child on to the field for practice and games. Plan to pick up your child on time after practice. Coaches are not allowed to leave until all players are picked up. Water bottles should be brought to both practice and games.
  27. Players should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before their game starts so players can warm up and receive instruction. Coaches make up their lineups before the game, so if your child can’t make the game or will be late, tell the coach at least a day before. Games that don’t start on time because of late arrivals will have less playing time so that the following games stay on schedule. Team shirt, matching soccer socks and black shorts are part of the required attire for games.
  28. Soccer games won’t be fun if players are not in condition, are not developing their skills and are not learning the game. Children should plan to attend all practices and be punctual. Hub Soccer of Denville guidelines allow that players who miss two (2) or more consecutive practices without justification, could possibly sit out their next game.
  29. It is Hub Soccer of Denville’s traditional policy to not schedule games on religious holidays.

Bad Weather Policy

The Division Director may postpone any game in case of bad weather or unsafe conditions. Both teams must show up for a scheduled game at the scheduled time, unless they have been notified by the Division Director or his/her representative. Once at the field, the referee, in consultation with both coaches may postpone a game. At the FIRST sign of Thunder or Lightning, all players, coaches and fans must LEAVE the Play Field IMMEDIATELY. Seek safe shelter either in your car or in a building. The fields will reopen 30 minutes after the last flash of Lightning or Thunder clap has been seen or heard.

Coaches are prohibited from rescheduling games on their own. Any and all cancelled games will be rescheduled by the Division Director in cooperation with both coaches and the Referee Director.

The condition of the fields in Denville is a result of the effort and knowledge of Denville Public Works. It is their decision on whether a field is playable and we must respect that decision. Information on the status of the Denville fields can be found at