Hub Soccer Families,
Please read this important email in its entirety. As many of you know, the Denville School district announced yesterday that a student at Valleyview Middle School tested positive for COVID-19. In turn, local public health officials have begun a process of contact tracing. We have been informed that several players within the Hub Soccer of Denville program have been advised to quarantine. This is a dynamic situation, but we have not been informed of any direct contact that has occurred at any Hub Soccer of Denville events.

Following Hub Soccer of Denville’s COVID-19 Reopening guidelines, all participants that have been advised by the Department of Health or a healthcare provider to quarantine will not be allowed to attend any soccer event until the end of the quarantine period. TeamSnap Health Checks are critical and required to ensuring we have a safe season. Please ensure the health check is completed prior to EVERY event. In accordance with CDC guidelines, a negative COVID-19 test does not preclude you from the full quarantine period. We understand that some players who have not been contacted by the Health Department to quarantine may not feel comfortable attending events. This is perfectly fine, and we respect everyone’s comfort level in participating. We ask that you stay in communication with your child’s coach, division director, or president. This will allow the rescheduling of games or practices as needed.

The health, safety, and privacy of our players, coaches, referees, and families is our top priority. Any participant that has tested positive for COVID-19 or is being evaluated for COVID-19 symptoms at any time is asked to inform their coach, division director, or president. This information will be kept confidential. This notification should be in addition to, and not in lieu of the Department of Health or State of NJ guidelines for notification. In the event that a player or coach is positive for COVID-19, the affected team will be notified and quarantined from participating in any in-person Hub Soccer of Denville events for 14 days from last exposure. Hub Soccer of Denville does not conduct contact tracing, this is left to the appropriate health authorities. Contact tracing may result in other players or teams being quarantined. Hub Soccer of Denville will follow the guidance provided by the Township of Denville’s Recreation Department and Health Department. Our focus is to ensure the safety of our participants. If at any time a family is concerned about their child’s health, we recommend you withhold them from participation.

Hub Soccer of Denville has nearly 600 youth players and 50 youth referees participating this season. As the largest youth sports program in Denville, we take our responsibility for safety very seriously. With the number of teams participating, we need your help in following safety guidelines. We are all in this together! We thank everyone for their diligence in following these guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. We’re excited to have the players back on the field and see their smiling faces. Hub Soccer of Denville COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines can be found here:

Additional Information:

1. We are not suspending soccer activities due to the one COVID 19 case at Valleyview School.

2. It is possible that some recreation and/or travel teams will be short handed because players who had secondary contact are quarantined. Our action plan if that happens:

> Travel Teams – Will continue to practice without the quarantined players. Will play their scheduled games if they have enough players to field a full team on the field. If they do not have enough for a full team

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, we will work on rescheduling that game with Morris County Youth Soccer.

> Recreation Teams – Will continue to practice without the quarantined players. Will play their scheduled games if they have enough players to field a full team on the field. If they do not have enough for a full team, the coaches and Division Director will reschedule the game. The coaches and Division Director can also opt to borrow players and scrimmage on that game day, while still pursuing a make up day. 

Our main priority during this pandemic is to keep all participants safe. To do that we need everyone following the guidelines to stay healthy as well as not sending your child to a practice or game if they are sick.