2019 Spring Soccer Registration is Now Open.



REGISTRATION END DATE – March 15, 10:00 PM. Placement after March 15 will be contingent on having room in your child’s grade and you will have to pay a late fee. Our spring session is almost as large as the fall! We strongly recommend you register early so your child plays. If we have a situation where we max out our enrollment for a particular division before the end date, we will close registration before the 15th for that division.  ELIGIBLE GRADES/DIVISIONS – Munchkin Division (ages 3.5, 4 & 5), PREK (must be age 4), Kindergarten, 1st/2nd Grade, 3rd/4th Grade. Make sure you register your child in their spring 2019 school grade. We do not permit players to play up in an older grade; please do not ask to or register your child in an older grade. 

MUNCHKIN VENUE – Munchkins is a clinic oriented session on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 1:00 PM. Munchkins do not play a regular soccer game and is a good place to start your child in an organized sport. Tuesday Munchkins are at the Veterans Memorial Park Artificial Turf Field, Zeek Rd. and Saturdays are at Upper Knuth Soccer Field, Cooper Rd.

PREK – GRADE 4 VENUE – Teams will practice 1 or possibly 2 weeknights and have a game on Saturday.

RVSL VENUE – RVSL teams will play home and away games and practice 1 or 2 nights per week.

GRADES 5 – 8 – We will offer a recreation venue for grades 5 – 8 to play in the Rockaway Valley Soccer League. Teams and registration will be based on Year of Birth, not grade.  We will need at least 14 players in a YOB range to support a team. If we do not get enough players, those who have registered will get a full refund.

SCHEDULE – Practice and game schedule are TBD and are based on coach schedules and the number of teams we have to schedule for games and practices. We are targeting the last week of March or the first week of April to have a practice schedule in place. Game schedule will follow and games will start the following weekend (Saturday 4/20). There are no games scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend’s Saturday.

SPECIAL REQUESTS – If you want your child to play on the same team as a friend or with a certain coach, you need to put it in the special request section of the registration form when you register. We will do our best to make an accommodation, but cannot always do so. Please do not call or email us after you register and ask for a special request. Special requests cannot be done for late registrants

START DATE – Saturday 4/13

END DATE – Saturday 6/1 or 6/8. End date will depend on make-ups and game schedule by division.

COST – $80 for one player. $120 Family Discount for 2 or more players from the same family. March 15 is the end date for registration.

LATE FEE COST – $135 for 1 player. $150 for 2 or more. Placing late registrants is contingent on having an opening.

REMINDER – You can register NOW and ensure your child has a roster spot! You can REGISTER EARLY and avoid a late fee!  We cannot guarantee placement after the registration deadline 🙁 “STREET SOCCER” – We will be starting up a Friday night street soccer program. This will allow our players to play soccer independently without adult interference. We will have a board member watching for safety


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, but there will be no adult coaching, training and/or parent spectating. This will be very similar to youth sports ‘back in the day’ when kids went outside to play and didn’t have adults structuring their activity. More details on this as we get closer to the end of registration.

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